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Why Your Business Needs Insurance Protection

For most companies, whether they are small to medium sized businesses or large corporations, insurance protection is a vital component of their operations and financial planning. Depending on your product or services, your business operations can be severely affected in the event of an accident, a natural disaster, the death of a senior figure, or […]

The Advantages of Over 50’s Life Insurance

For most people who take out life insurance policies, the focus is on help with funeral costs as well as the future financial security of the loved ones who remain after an insured person passes away. The same applies to over 50’s life insurance; these types of policies are designed to provide a lump sum […]

Common Life Insurance Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

  When it comes to investing in home or car insurance, it’s only natural that you’ll want to do the adequate research that’s involved to get the best company and the best quote. Taking out a life insurance policy should be no different. After all, it’s such a major long-term commitment that choosing the right […]

Getting Life Insurance if you Work a High Risk Job

  If you have a family or assets to protect, life insurance is an absolute necessity. Your life insurance premium will be assessed according to a number of different factors – your age, family history, your health, hobbies and the type of work that you do. What does the type of work that you do […]

Getting Life Insurance if you are over 50

  Once the age of 50 hits, it is inevitable that many of us will start to hold concern over what lies ahead. As you enter the golden years of your life, you need to be able to really enjoy them, without any concerns over the financial protection of your family or assets should you […]

Choosing the right insurance for your business

As the owner of your own company, protecting your business by getting proper insurance is one of the smartest things that you can ever do. In doing so, you are protecting your livelihood and your future financial stature. And while making the decision to insure your business is smart, choosing the right cover and policy […]

5 Life Insurance Mistakes To Avoid

  We are all guilty of making mistakes in life from time to time – hey, we’re only human, right? When it comes to life insurance policies, mistakes are a lot more frequent than you would think. After all, all it takes is a slight miscommunication or misunderstanding when completing a form. Those applying for […]

Getting Life Insurance If You Have Asthma

  Did you know that approximately 470,000 people in Ireland suffer from asthma? To put it into context, that’s more than 10% of the entire population! There are varying levels of asthma and depending on how it is managed, it is possible to live a normal life, despite suffering from the condition. However, when it […]